Motivated by the newest addition to our family, and named after our extremely inspirational late grandfather, Butch & Ward is a brand rooted in family. With simplistic, gender-neutral style as the backbone, pop culture as the inspiration, and relevant, sophisticated children's fashion as the driving force, we set out to launch Butch & Ward in early 2014.

 While the line between pop culture and fashion has begun to blur within the adult market, the children's market has remained stagnant and unchanged for far too long.  Our belief is that the old rule stating a young girl must wear pink and a young boy must wear blue is extremely outdated and uninspired. By offering only neutral colors, we are inviting everyone to wear each piece and style them uniquely to their personality. 

We only use high quality, unisex pieces at Butch & Ward, all printed in America and machine heat-pressed to create the softest hand feel. Each piece is individually and meticulously hand-printed, then obsessively quality-checked prior to being sold.

 All of this is to say we work hard and stand confidently behind each piece we offer. If ever you feel there is an issue with any of our pieces, please let us know and we will do everything we can to make sure you're proud to have your kid wear our threads.

 With us, it's personal. With us, it's family.